Mental Snapp is a video app that enables mental health service users to tell their own stories by recording short video updates on their mental health, either freeform or in response to specially designed guided exercises.

Video easily and accessibly captures the complexities and fluctuations of mental health at the touch of a button, and our rating system gives services users the ability to spot patterns and dive into the detail.

We will be piloting Mental Snapp with NHS patients in spring 2017, and this will be independently evaluated by Southbank University. To learn more please get in touch.


Mental Snapp in our own words

Happy Christmas 2016

Dec 5, 2016 | No Comments

A very happy Christmas from a bumper year’s end.

I’m sitting in my home office listening to Judy Garland singing the most …

Pitch pitch pitch – could you be involved?

Nov 18, 2016 | No Comments

It’s pitch central at Mental Snapp at the moment. We’re meeting investors and pitching formally and …

Steak frites and salade de tomate

Oct 12, 2016 | No Comments

This was my lunch today just by Gare du Nord station – I’m in Paris!

The Hello Tomorrow conference is on here …

Do the hustle… #VOOM stylee

Do the hustle… #VOOM stylee

May 13, 2016 | No Comments

“Google Voom – V-O-O-M” called George over his computer counter. George is of Greenwich CC, Internet cafe owner and …