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Mental health tech and your gut

“Would you like a glass of kefir?”. That’s how we’ve been beginning our focus groups on mental health tech this month. Then I tend to go into an explanation of how probiotics are good for your gut, and therefore your mental health, and it leads into a discussion of why and how we asked LEON…

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Democratising mental health like Stelios

On Friday I had the nicest start to the weekend – a conversation with Beth Ditzel, the communications officer from Leonard Cheshire Disability. Mental Snapp has been shortlisted for an award from the Stelios Foundation, their annual Award for Disabled Entrepreneurs. The award is administered by Leonard Cheshire, and Beth was arranging press support for…

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Do the hustle… #VOOM stylee

“Google Voom – V-O-O-M” called George over his computer counter. George is of Greenwich CC, Internet cafe owner and fixer of MacBooks extraordinaire. I’m on the hustle. In the massive rain on Wednesday my laptop got water damage and I’ve brought it in here. It’s dead, no joy. It worked for a bit, and then……

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