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We won the Stelios Award!

This has been an amazing few days. I’ll remember the week starting the 12th November 2017 most likely for the rest of my life. The date is easy to remember for me, it’s my mum’s birthday. And on that day my family gathered in Richmond for a celebration Sunday lunch. Meanwhile, I was in Chelsea…
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Mental health tech and your gut

“Would you like a glass of kefir?”. That’s how we’ve been beginning our focus groups on mental health tech this month. Then I tend to go into an explanation of how probiotics are good for your gut, and therefore your mental health, and it leads into a discussion of why and how we asked LEON…
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Democratising mental health like Stelios

On Friday I had the nicest start to the weekend – a conversation with Beth Ditzel, the communications officer from Leonard Cheshire Disability. Mental Snapp has been shortlisted for an award from the Stelios Foundation, their annual Award for Disabled Entrepreneurs. The award is administered by Leonard Cheshire, and Beth was arranging press support for…
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Mental health was affecting more than 1 in 4 of the people I met on the street that day

We were promised an Indian summer and there have been hours of warm autumn sunshine this September. It was one of those sunny September afternoons the other day and myself and Eric Mc Allister, our head of product at Mental Snapp, were flyering in Spitalfields Market in London. We were giving out leaflets to advertise…
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Demo Day

It’s five o clock in the morning of our Bethnal Green Ventures Demo Day and I’m awake. Lottie the dog was scratching to get out and go to drink water, but I was awake anyway. So I lie under the covers for twenty minutes in the warm bedroom, light with midsummer early sunshine, and then pull…
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Our market research so far

It has been an interesting journey so far with our market research, and we’re not over yet. We started with the idea that people would want to add video to their medical record, and since then we have pivoted to a social model of mental health. This is by listening to users, clinicians and people…
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