Different perspectives

Expanding the team over the last few weeks has been an exciting time for Mental Snapp and opens up a whole realm of possibilities for us and for the parent company, Barrage Media, as we work alongside talented freelancers, some of whom haven’t yet had the exposure and experience that they need and deserve, team them together with other service user freelancers, broadcast cameramen, professional musicians and so on, to provide them with a pool of resources they can call on to realise their ideas, all of which will be useful under the Barrage Media/Mental Snapp banner. Each member of the team is encouraged to blog, and there will be links to their blog on our website, so you can find out a bit more about what each member is interested in – about the project, about personal projects they are developing in their own life, and their take on the world in general.

From my point of view, observing and facilitating the wonderful clash of views and strong opinions and politically savvy environment that our meetings are creating, is a testimony to the strength of service user feeling on a broader level about justice and co-production, as much as it is a testimony to the strength of our lovely team.

With that in mind, I’m going to start handing this blog over, it’s not solely my baby any more. The first writer I’d like to introduce is Yousif from Poached Creative, who attended his first meeting yesterday and was thrown in at the deep end. It will be great to get his different perspective when he has time to send over his post. I hope, when he’s ready, that you’ll be looking forward to it as much as I am. Very many thanks Jess and the Poached Creative team for organising Yousif to be there at short notice and to make such valuable contributions. I look forward to reading his thoughts with interest.

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