Resilience and the emotional roller coaster

Blimey this is a journey of ups and downs. And an interesting one to go on as a mental health service user. Monday was black despair – Tuesday mild encouragement – Wednesday enthusiasm – Thursday more enthusiasm – and Friday, today, potential for more bleak thoughts. What we’ve decided however as a team is that we can’t afford to be held captive by emotions. There will be a way forward, and there always is a way forward in progressing in life. If we aren’t to progress actively, then progress will just be something that happens to us, regardless. With that in mind, the bleak thoughts are on hold. It was a ‘no’ that initiated them. But ‘no’ is not permanent, any more than ‘yes’ is. There is more opportunity for practising resilience here than I’ve ever had before in other ventures.

The idea that forms the practical implementations of Mental Snapp is a moveable feast. But the principle behind it – I should be allowed to lodge my voice on my official record – is one I’ll defend to my last breath. No one should hold a pen over me and my mental health. That is to objectify. I define myself. And I want that recognised in official quarters and on my official record.

So – if you agree, if you don’t agree, if you are shades in-between – take our survey, feedback, contribute to our emotional rollercoaster. I think the principle is a sound one. I’d love to know what you think.