Prototype – our year of adventure starts here!

We’re delighted to announce here that we’ve been funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation to develop a prototype of the Mental Snapp platform, which we will have a working model of by the end of the year. It’s an exciting journey, and one that turns this idea, which we have been discussing in coffee shops, workshops, over lunches, and yes, in pubs too, from a fascinating set of hypotheses and into an actual product. As Mark Brown of Social Spider said to us, until we have a product, it’s just a set of ideas. Once you have something that people can look at and interact with, then you have something that they can resonate with, challenge, and change. And that is what we want.

So with that in mind we’re gathering advisors, co designers, and people to test and evaluate the process. We’ll be calling out for participants here as the year goes on. If you want to be involved with the process please get in touch, there are loads of ways that we can rope you in and we’d love your expertise, whether as a service user, clinician, researcher, or interested party. We really believe that we can make a difference to mental health outcomes for service users, and we’d love to have that theory challenged and tested by real life applications. We hope that by the end of the year we’ll have something worth shouting about. Join us on our journey – and many thanks Paul Hamlyn!