Do the hustle… #VOOM stylee

“Google Voom – V-O-O-M” called George over his computer counter. George is of Greenwich CC, Internet cafe owner and fixer of MacBooks extraordinaire. I’m on the hustle. In the massive rain on Wednesday my laptop got water damage and I’ve brought it in here. It’s dead, no joy. It worked for a bit, and then… Fut. George gave me the bad news an hour ago, and I’m still here. I’ve used the time to check out prices for alternatives on eBay and run them by George. Very kindly, with great humour and understanding of my non computer literacy, he went through some eBay listings with me, and then said he’d email me some options, so I got out my Mental Snapp card to give him – and remembered I had an opportunity. In fact, isn’t an Internet cafe the perfect place to do the hustle?

I told George about VOOM, the Virgin Media Business Awards that we’ve entered. We need public votes – we were on 141 votes when I spoke to him, and 211th place. We need to get into the top 80, I reckon we need another 350 at least. Eek. But we’ve only been campaigning for 3 days, so I’m really proud and impressed with all the support we’ve managed to gather so far. And it is for a brilliant cause, mental health innovation, our video diary service that enables mental health service users to learn and use more effective self care techniques through telling their stories and completing guided exercises. I love the combination of mental health and film, I think it has so much potential. And people seem to like it.

George liked it. George voted for it – and made sure that everyone in the cafe did it too. If this was an election, I’d be struck off – I was literally sitting over the Greenwich CC workers and getting them to log in and vote in front of me. They thought it was hilarious, though, and so did I. My 6 year old son, Samuel, just wanted to go.


But before we went, we snapped this shot of the Greenwich CC lads with their ‘I just voted for Mental Snapp’ grins on. They even have the Virgin colours in their logo. And I promised them I’d mention their website, so here it is: Greenwich CC. Go there for great service with a smile. And here’s our link: Vote Mental Snapp. If you want to have a smile like these guys, go there, vote for us and share.

Do the hustle. Do da do da dede do da….