Our market research so far

It has been an interesting journey so far with our market research, and we’re not over yet. We started with the idea that people would want to add video to their medical record, and since then we have pivoted to a social model of mental health. This is by listening to users, clinicians and people actively managing their mental health as to what they would find useful. In the interests of transparency – and because we are wrapping up the first phase of our research – we’ve published the results of our findings here. These are the results of the research funded by UnLtd and Paul Hamlyn. We’ll be doing more research in house, and there will be an independent evaluation of Mental Snapp in the NHS led by London Southbank University. So this is just a tiny peek under the lid of what we’ve been doing so far to listen to people actively managing their mental health. Enjoy.


Focus group feedback report to date April 16