Janus God of January


January, the first month of each year, gets its name from the Roman god Janus, who has two faces, one looking forward, one looking back. As a team of people with lived experience of mental health at Mental Snapp, it’s an apt metaphor to us and for a vision of how people might get the most out of our video diary app at this time of year.


So much of Christmas and New Year is about projection. Constantly rushing forward, the adverts propel us through the season, changing message rapidly as our collective mood and digestion moves rapidly from anticipation to overindulgence to disgust to resolution to over commitment to the January blues. Is anyone else fed up of how fast we seem to move through the festive season? Whatever happened to taking a moment to reflect?


At Mental Snapp we have three things that we connect our users to. First their desire to achieve their goals and move forward. Second, their wish to learn from past patterns. And third – this came out in a workshop attended by an inspiring collaborator we count as a friend, Zac – their desire to be in the moment. Zac’s exact words were “But what if I just want to be playful?” How fantastic is that.


It’s too easy to rush from Christmas to New Year without remembering the double faced part of this year. There is no point in looking forward with anticipation unless at the same time we are able to reflect with gratitude. And to do that, like Zac, let’s sit in the moment and be playful.  To experience a feeling of ease. That’s what we hope for our users as they go on their journey towards 2019.


Tell your story, use Mental Snapp, your mental health diary to manage your mental health in 2019. Who knows how it can build on all you have done before, where it will lead, and how it will help you to connect to yourself in the moment.


Enjoy the season.