A few weeks back me and a few mental health mates started meeting on a regular basis to chuck a ball around, have some mindful moments and support each other in our mental health creativity missions. It was liberating, and some extraordinary things are coming out of some very ordinary moments that we shared together. 

We met on the basis of the mental health manifesto that I’ve resolved is the core of what Mental Snapp is aiming to achieve. I’ve been working for ages on the basis of a particular poem by Philip Larkin and some other inspirational ideas about creativity and ordinariness to find a one sentence encapsulation of what Mental Snapp and good mental health is about. I finally boiled it down to one sentence which I put together on the laptop when on a little retreat away in a caravan in Whitstable. Somehow you can think when you’re away from the noise. We now have a working definition of good mental health, and it looks like this:

This screenshot is a mock up of the next version of the app, which we are not going to be developing it in a bubble. We’ve decided to open up the meet up group to anyone who wants to drop in. It’s called Mental Health Artists, because we’re making mental health art. 

Meeting in the group with me so far have been Alan Bordeville, a fabulously creative peer therapist, Natalie Heaton, talented writer and mental health explorer and more people are joining all the time – amazing contributors, people into writing, therapy, art curation, photography, self exploration. You don’t have to have a special skill, just an interest, curiosity and openness to the process. 

We’re meeting each Thursday 12.30 – 1.30 on the 5thfloor of the Southbank Centre next to the Poetry Library. You will be a superstar if you turn up and we will welcome you with open arms. Promise games, exploration, mindfulness, peer support and the creation of some very ordinary little moments. 

Good mental health is an art built on the habit of catching and appreciating very ordinary little moments. 

The mission of #mentalhealthartists is – let’s make some ordinary moments together. 

Come join us.