Using Mental Snapp is very simple.

You hit record and say what you need to on camera. The app prompts you to rate your mood and tag a feeling to your video. That's it, you're done for the day.

Your videos are easily searchable and you can see patterns in your mood over time on the insights page.

You get the most out of Mental Snapp if you use it as a regular part of your routine. Mental Snapp is suitable for anyone over 18 who actively manages their mental health.

Use Mental Snapp whenever you can in your day, use it often and build your #snapphabit.

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Mental Snapp has been proven to be effective in trials.

We were brave (or stupid) enough to put the very earliest version of the app up for an exploratory evaluation by London Southbank University.

The evaluation found that Mental Snapp makes a real difference under test conditions. People who used it regularly over a period of as little as two weeks felt an increase in confidence and self compassion.