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Get me in!

Great choice. Thanks so much for joining our adventure!

This is what the next version of the app might look like. It doesn't exist yet.

In the meantime we've made a network so we can support each other practicing the art of good mental health. Join us there.

We've also made a community on instagram of private sites and handles which are behind the public facing @mentalsnapp insta handle. And excitingly we have a  a Meetup #mentalhealthartists which meets every Thursday lunchtime. We'd love to meet you IRL.

This is quite a lot of info to take on all at once, and we want this journey to really make a difference to your life and the way that you go about your practice of the art of mental health.

So we're going to break it down for you.

Fill in your deets - hit the button below.

You're joining our gang. It will all become clear. So glad to have you.