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Janus God of January

  January, the first month of each year, gets its name from the Roman god Janus, who has two faces, one looking forward, one looking back. As a team of people with lived experience of mental health at Mental Snapp, it’s an apt metaphor to us and for a vision of how people might get…
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Our search for a #user #psychologist

I’ve been talking about this offline for long enough now. Time to put our search out there online and serious. At Mental Snapp we are looking for a psychologist to join the team initially on a freelance basis, who has their own experience of using mental health services. We are proud to be user led…
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I’m getting ready this week to pitch my heart out at the launch of Flamingo Punk, the new agency offering comms support to businesses on a mission. I’m excited to do so because I think we’re at a real turning point in Mental Snapp on our mission in mental health. In my work as a…
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Mental health – Utopia for Realists

I’m in Carluccio’s. I love Carluccio’s. I wanted somewhere quiet to sit and think after a busy morning. Back in January, I met the civil servant who operates as Head of Campaigns for the Cabinet Office, Claire Pimm. We exchanged some ideas about mental health and the future of policy, and particularly in reference to…
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Time to Talk

Tomorrow, 1st February, is Time to Talk day, and I’m taking part. I’m running a free event at the RSA at 6pm with Kenny Mamarella D’Cruz, who runs MenSpeak and we’re delighted to be able to welcome Sue Baker, the head of Time to Change to set the scene for an evening of storytelling and…
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Blue Monday 2018

Today is Blue Monday, calculated to be the most depressing day of the year. At this point, reading this, you might be on a train to work, surrounded by commuters, wishing yourself back to Christmas, or forward to spring, anywhere but – as you look at grey faces around you – here. The history of…
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